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* ruby: show the interface before getting web infosHEADmasterBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-06-041-7/+6
* ruby: get xml from and show itBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-06-041-0/+17
* ruby: change the default sizeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-06-041-1/+1
* ruby: put scroll automaticalyBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-06-041-0/+2
* ruby: Enable all warningsBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-301-1/+1
* perl: allow clik on the arrow to close the windowBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-301-1/+1
* perl: be less verboseBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-302-3/+3
* move rb/ to ruby/Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-301-0/+0
* rb: indent codeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-301-17/+14
* First Ruby release of wmHuitreHuitre.Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-301-0/+53
* move perl code to perl/Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-2810-0/+0
* .pm don't need to be executableBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-284-0/+0
* change serverlist2.xml to serverlist.xmlFlorent Neveu (Captain)2006-05-283-8/+8
* remove serverlist2.xml who is same as serverlist.xmlFlorent Neveu (Captain)2006-05-281-25/+0
* Initial commitBertrand Jacquin (Beber)2006-05-2811-0/+752